RSS Feed When to Visit Mallorca for a Cycling Holiday

Warm Weather, Mallorca The weather in Mallorca is suitable for cycling throughout the year and many cyclists do visit in every month. Here we look at what to expect in each season:


Winter is when the professionals come to Mallorca to get in their base miles and do some warm weather training before the start of their season. If you come in January and February you will see large groups of kitted out professionals zipping along the great roads surfaces.

The weather in winter is mild rather than warm. It is not unusually to have days where the thermometer hits 20°C, but there can also be days when it struggles to get above 10°C. It is never too cold for cycling though, and as long as you come prepared with a jacket and arm/leg warmers if you especially suffer from the cold, you will have no problems - even on the highest parts of the island. Rain is not common in winter but happens occasionally, so it is best to be prepared.

Accommodation is slightly cheaper in winter and the roads on the main cycling routes are almost empty, making for a really enjoyable holiday.


Spring is the most popular season for cyclists in Mallorca. From March through to June you will see dozens of cyclists every time you go on a ride, although the professionals have mostly gone away to begin their season.

The weather is generally perfect for cycling. Temperatures usually hover between around 18°C and 25°C, and what little rain there is usually comes and goes in the form of short showers. Accommodation begins to become more expensive and some of the villages will already be sold out if you don't book well in advance - especially around Easter.

Depending on how brave you are, it can be enjoyable to swim in the sea from late April.

Port Soller, Spring


Although you can certainly still have a great holiday in summer, July and August are the worst months to visit the island. At times it can be oppresively hot for cycling, with temperatures very often over 30°C and sometimes significantly higher. Rain is very rare.

A bigger problem, however, is that the island becomes very crowded in the height of summer. Most of the tourists are around the coast and you can still find relatively quiet areas inland; however, some of the most popular cycling routes, such as Cap de Formentor and Sa Calobra become too congested with cars and coaches to enjoy cycling them in July and August.

If you do wish to come in July and August we strongly recommend planning you routes carefully with an experienced tour operator to avoid the heavy traffic.

Autumn / Fall

By September the crowds have lessened and the island is much more serene and ideally suited again to cycling. In October and November it is even quieter and the cyclists have Mallorca to themselves again.

The weather here is similar to in Spring, with warm days and mild evenings. Rain is slightly more common than in Spring and there can be heavy showers at times, but you are still more likely to get a week with clear blue skies throughout.

The scenery is particularly beautiful in Autumn as the leaves begin to change colour and a lot of the fruit in the area comes into season.