Mallorca History & Culture

The Different Languages of Spain

Languages of Spain Spain is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Europe. There are seventeen autonomous communities in Spain, most of them with their own distnictive festivals, food and traditions; many of them also have their own language.

Our cycling holidays visit many of these regions, so here we look at the various languages in Spain; how they are related and how common they are in everyday usage, to ensure that you are well prepared.

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Five Lesser Known Spanish Towns for History

Historic Towns Spain Spain is one of the most incredible countries to visit for history lovers. There are many cities with a great variety of historical influences; from the Moorish cities of Seville and Granada, to the impressive architecture in Barcelona and Valencia.

However, there also many towns and villages, much less visited than the big cities, that are of real historical interest. Here we look at five our favourites, which offer different aspects of Spanish and European history...

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Cycling in Mallorca: Single Base or Multi-Centered

Valldemossa, Mallorca Mallorca is a great destination for a cycling holiday and we would highly recommend riders of all levels to visit there.

However, one key consideration is whether you should stay in the same place for the whole holiday or to do a multi-centred tour. Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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When to Visit Mallorca for a Cycling Holiday

Sunny Mallorca The weather in Mallorca is suitable for cycling throughout the year and many cyclists do visit in every month. Here we look at what to expect in each season:

Winter is when the professionals come to Mallorca to get in their base miles and do some warm weather training before the start of their season. If you come in January and February you will see large groups of kitted out professionals zipping along the great roads surfaces...

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The Best and Worst Bases in Mallorca for a Cycling Holiday

Banyalbufar, Mallorca If you have never been to Mallorca, you may be vaguely aware of its rather unfair reputation as a cheap and cheerless package holiday destination. While there are indeed several bloated resort towns dotted around the coast, there are also some of the most charming villages and most spectacular cycling scenery in all of Europe.

Mallorca was ahead of its time as a holiday destination, attracting northern Europeans to its shores for their summer holiday well before all inclusive overseas holidays had become common place. Today, however, these resort towns are somewhat tired and almost feel like a different country from the rest of the island, which boasts fantastic natural landscapes and a culture that is noticeable unique from mainland Spain.

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