The Best Spanish Wine Regions for Cycling

Cycling Vineyards in Spain Spain is a fine country for many things; but near to the top of the list have to be cycling and wine. Here we take a look at how you can best combine these two great things to make for a great cycling holiday through wine country! We highlight Spain's best wine regions for cycling and give an example route through each of them.

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The Winds of Spain: A Cyclist's Guide

The Winds of Spain: A Cyclist's Guide Very little can make us more dispirited on a cycle tour than battling a head wind all day. The slow going, the noise and the discomfort can sap the motivation of the most hardy rider.

Conversely, there is very little more exhilirated than being carried along by a tail wind; particularly on flatter or rolling routes. Wind, for good and for bad, is a part of cycling and we have to deal with it all at some point, but if offered the choice, you would take the tail wind, wouldn't you?

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The 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs in Spain

The 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs in Spain This is the list of what we believe are the 100 best road cycling climbs in Spain. The climbs have been chosen based on a number of factors, including: scenery, difficulty, cycling history, amount of traffic and road surface.

The list has evaluated all climbs on the mainland as well as those in the popular cycling holiday destinations of Mallorca and Tenerife. Click on the name of the climb to see the profile and more details, and let us know whether you agree with our choices in the comments.

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The Best Cycling Routes around the Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Cycling The Costa Blanca and Alicante region is a great place for cycling and is a popular training base for professional cycling teams in the winter. It has a sunny and warm climate throughout the year and has superb mountains for cycling, offering a wide range of climbs of differing lengths and gradients.

The road surfaces are almost all fantastic and if you go to the right areas you will encounter very little traffic. In addition, the region is served by Alicante airport, which is linked to many European destinations.

A cycling holiday to this region does, however, take some planning and knowledge of the region as there are some areas that are less than ideal for riding. In this article you will find five of the best cycling routes, and also details of some of the areas that are best to avoid.

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The Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca

The Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca Mallorca is one of the most poopular destinations for cycling holidays in the world, and with good reason. The combination of mountains, beautiful coastal scenery, excellent road surfaces and a very cycling friendly culture attracts professionals and amateurs alike to the island.

Here we look at five of the best cycling routes on the island, including some of the most famous as well as some lesser known routes for you to discover.

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Almería - Spain's Secret Winter Cycling Destination

Almeria Spain is a great country for cycl;ing during the winter months, with many professionals and amateurs enjoying the warm climate and excellent variety of terrain. Mallorca and Tenerife are rightly regarded as the standout regions, offering everything a cyclist could want.

However, the Almería is a great alterantive for cyclists that wish to try something new - espeically if you wish to avoid the mountainous areas of the islands.

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Camino de Santiago - A Guide to Cycling the Camino Frances

Camino Frances The Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) is one of the most popular routes for walking and cycling in Europe. It attracts pilgrims, those wishing to challenge themselves, and people who just want to admire the fantastic scenery that Spain has to offer.

There are many resources where you can find details about the Camino de Santiago: the history of the different routes, the places of interest and detailed route descriptions. In this section, therefore, we will not repeat all of this information; rather, we will offer our personal recommendations and opinion about the different routes.

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Segorbe - In The Heart Of Valencia's Cycling Country

Segorbe, City Walls Segorbe is a fairly small town situated around 70km to the north-west of Valencia in between two mountain ranges - the Sierra de Espadan to the north and the Sierra Calderona to the south.

It is one of the most historically important places in the Valencia region. Segorbe is believed to have first been inhabited in the Palaeolithic Age, and became an important town during the Visigoth rule of Spain. In the many hundreds of years following its rise to prominence, Segorbe has seen many different era influence the wide variety of architecture and culture that is there today.

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Cycling in Leon, Spain

Leon Cathedral Leon was founded as a military town by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. It is the capital of the Leon province in the north of spain, and is one of the most important cities in this region.

The most identifiable part of Leon is the vast Gothic cathedral that overlooks the centre. However, there is a wide variety of other historical architecture in the city; from the Medieval wall that rings part of the centre, to the neogothic Casa de Botines - an intriguing building designed by Antoni Gaudi...

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The Best Places to Cycle in Tenerife

Tenerife Cycling

Tenerife is also popular for people who just enjoy cycling, and do not want to go on a training holiday. It has perfect temperatures for cycling throughout the year, relatively low traffic on many roads, and, most importantly of all, magnificent scenery throughout the island.

Here we look at our favourite places for cycling on Tenerife.

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How to Choose a Cycling Holiday

Choosing Cycling Holiday Many people like to book their cycling holidays through a tour operator. A good operator will take care of all the organisation: booking hotels, transporting luggage, arranging entry to local attractions, organising meals and generally making the holiday as enjoyable as possible.

However, when searching for an operator, it can be difficult to know what separates the very good from the average. Here we have compiled some of the key points that you may want to consider before booking your cycling holiday.

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Valencia Turia River

Turia River The little known Turia river may not have the fame or size of the Danube or the Rhine; however, it has an interesting history.

The main river of the Valencia region, providing the water for the oranges, olives and rice grown in the area, was diverted after flooding the capital city in the 1960s.

The resulting empty basin is a hub of activity containing the City of Arts and Sciences and a superb cycle route.

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How to stay strong during a cycling holiday

Stay Strong During Cycling Holiday A cycling tour can be a physically demanding holiday where even strong cyclists can struggle at times. However, there are certain steps to take to help you stay strong and get the most out of your cycling holiday. Here we look at ways that you can save energy, improve your fitness and ensure that you are riding as strongly at the end of the holiday as you were at the beginning.

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Taking Bikes on Planes - The Best Airlines

Bikes on Planes Most airlines now accept bicycles on their planes; however, it can often turn into a surprisingly expensive and time consuming task. Each company requires you to do different things in order for them to accept your bike, and they charge a wide range of fees.

As a tour operator running cycling holidays in Spain, our customers often ask us for information about which airlines are the cheapest to carry a bike on. To make things easier for our customers and anybody else looking to take their bike on holiday with them, we have compiled a table below with the prices and conditions of many airlines.

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Taking Bikes on Spanish Trains

Bikes on Trains On our cycle tours cyclists often like to bring their own bike for comfort. However, if you plan to take your bike to Spain, on an organised tour or by yourself, it is useful to know which bikes allow trains on them.

For a cycling friendly country, like Spain, it is not as easy at it should be. Some trains allow bikes without restrictions, some allow bikes with special tickets or only at certain times, and some annoying ones only allow them packed away in your luggage.

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Road Bike or Hybrid for a Cycling Holiday?

Hybrid Bike Riders on our cycling holidays often ask for advice on which kind of bike would be best for them. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference whether you prefer to ride a road bike or a hybrid. However, if you are unsure, there are several advantages and disadvantages with both types.

Here we look at some of the factors that may influence your decision on the kind of bike you should choose. From the terrain and distance that you will be covering, to how stylish you want to look - we give you the lowdown on bike choice.

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Which Pedals Are Best For Cycle Touring?

Bikes With Different Pedals Deciding on the best type of pedals for a cycling holiday is largely a matter of personal preference. Unlike serious road cycling, where clipless pedals are the almost universal choice, touring cyclists use a variety of pedals depending on what they are most comfortable in.

However, if you are unsure which pedals to take on a cycle tour, we outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of pedals, with regards to cycling holidays.

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How To Keep Your Feet Warm Cycling In Winter

Cold Feet in Winter Cycling during the winter can be highly enjoyable. Country roads are often less busy than in summer and, after the first ten minutes or so, you will warm up enough not to notice the cold. The exceptions to this, however, are the hands and the feet, which can at times feel like they are close to freezing and falling off.

There are several things you can do, however, to prevent your feet from suffering too much in the wintery conditions.

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How to Make your Touring Bicycle Faster

Touring Bikes As we get passed by some Lycra'd up roadie on a sleek 5kg racing machine, it can be hard for us cycle tourists not to feel a bit of envy and frustration. 'I would have caught him if it was not for my knobbly tires and ludicrously heavy Brooks' saddle', we tell ourselves.

We comfort ourselves with the fact that he is not carrying two spare inner tubes and a selection of spare t-shirts. We feel smug that we will soon be tucking into a delicious cheese and pickle sandwich, while he forces down another 'green apple' energy gel. Deep down, however, we really want to be able to go a bit faster as well.

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