Chirivilla - Olocau (Valencia)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Olocau 712 506 19 2.7 210 ***

Chirivilla from Olocau Cycling Profile
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Roads & Traffic

The road is in generally good condition. It is slightly rough in places, but is fully asphalted and absolutely fine for riding on a road bike.

There is little traffic on this climb.

Climb Description

Chirivilla from Olocau Cycling

Chirivilla (also known as Pico del Águila) is a pleasant cycling climb situated on the border of the Valencia and Castellón provinces. It is in the Sierra Calderona mountain range; an area which is famed for its many olive, orange and almond trees.

The climb from Olocau is by far the longest side, but there are numerous downhill and flatter sections, making it quite an easy climb. The scenery is picturesque and the route passes through Gatova and Marines - both very typical of the quiet rural villages in this part of Spain.

Chirivilla is open throughout the year, and the mild Mediterranean climate makes it a really enjoyable climb in the winter.

Other sides

Chirivilla can also be climbed starting from the towns of Altura and Segorbe .

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Chirivilla is a route extension option on our Valencia: Olives and Oranges Cycling Holiday.