Lizarraga (Abarzazu)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Abarzazu 1,050m 515m 18.5 km 2.8% 175 ***

Lizarraga Profile

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Climb Description

Lizarraga is an enjoyable cycling climb in the Navarra region of Northern Spain. It climbs into the Urbasa Natural Park and the numerous hairpins offer fine views across to the Sierra de Andía Mountains. This is the classic side of the climb, with the southern face being much more rolling with several plateaus. However, it is nice to include both sides in a longer route - particularly if you get the opportunity to stay in the delightful nearby town of Estella-Lizarra.

This is the least scenic of the two sides and also the busier with traffic. However, the long plateau in the centre of the climb is enjoyable.

Lizarraga is open throughout the year. Short term closures due to snow are possible in the winter, but are not especially common.

Lizarraga - Navarra Cycling Climb

Carry lights with you for the tunnel at the top of the climb

Roads & Traffic

The surface is in very good condition.

This is the busier side of the climb and there can be some traffic at weekends, but it is generally not enough to spoil the enjoyment of the ride. Carry lights for the tunnel at the top of the climb.

Alternative Routes

Lizarraga can also be climbed from the north, beginning close to the town of Lizarraga.

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We currently don't have any cycling holidays in this part of Navarra. However, if you would like to customize an itinerary in the region, please contact us and we would happy to organize a trip for you.

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