Madrid Cycling Climbs

Climb Town Altitude (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Abantos San Lorenzo de El Escorial 1640 11.5 5.4 745 ***
Alto del León Guadarrama 1511 8.3 6.4 301 *
Bola del Mundo Collado Villalba 2257 21.8 6.2 1540 **
Cotos El Paular Monastery 1830 14 4.6 340 ***
La Morcuera Miraflores de la Sierra 1796 9.2 6.8 510 ***
La Morcuera Rascafría 1796 13.4 4.7 360 ***
Navacerrada Collado Villalba 1860 18.4 5.2 742 **
Navafria Lozoya 1778 11.6 5.5 477 ***


Not many people go on a cycling trip to Madrid for several reasons. However, if you are visiting the area and would like to ride, or live there and would like to know about some climbs, there are some options available.

From a cycling perspective - particularly for climbing - all of the action takes place in the north of the community. The Sierra de Guadarrama mountains are located here, and they contain by far the best cycling routes in Madrid. The mountains are high, with several climbs going close to 2,000m altitude and they offer a range of lengths and gradients.


Madrid is not the most scenic region in Spain. Even the Guadarrama mountains, while pleasant, are largely covered in thick forest and offer few spectacular views - at least not on a road bike. However, given their proximity to one of Europe's largest cities, the Guadarrama range does an impressive job of feeling somewhat remote; at least if you can manage to avoid the traffic...


The road surfaces in Madrid are generally in very good condition.

The main problem with cycling in Madrid is the traffic. Whether you are in the city center or in the heart of the mountains, there seem to be cars everywhere. In our opinion, this is the main reason to avoid cycling in Madrid - and it is important to read the climb descriptions very careful, as some famous cycling climbs are simply not safe for riding on open roads.

Getting There

Madrid has a large international airport which flies to destinations throughout the world. It is also very well connected to the rest of Spain by train.


Madrid often gets very hot in summer. Winters are fairly cold with snow common at high altitide (although roads are often cleared). Like in most of central Spain, spring and autumn are the most pleasant seasons; rain is rare throughout the year.


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