Castilla La Mancha Cycling Climbs

Climb Town Altitude (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Alto Rey Villares de Jadraque 1765 17 4.7 527 ***
La Quesera Majaelrayo 1740 28 2 745 ****


Castilla La Mancha is the central part of the Spain, best known to foreigners as the land of Don Quijote. It largely consists of flat plains; however, there are some mountains - notably in the eastern provinces of Guadalajara and Cuenca.


Castilla La Mancha is most flat plains which can become quiet repetitive; there is not a great variety of scenery here. The mountains to the north of Guadalajara are the most picturesque part, but even here it is mostly sparse forests and barren plains rather than spectacular peaks and green mountains.


The road surfaces are of mixed quality. Roads between towns or generally in good condition and fine for cycling. However, roads in more remote areas are often full of pot holes or are in a poor state of disrepair.

The region has little traffic in general, although the roads do tend to get busier the closer that you get to Madrid. The areas around the five provincial capitals - Albacete, Ciudad Real, Toledo, Guadalajara and Cuenca are also noticeably busier.

Getting There

The region is served by Madrid airport. From Madrid there are trains and buses throughout the region.


Castilla La Mancha has very hot and dry summers, while winters tend to be cool and dry - with snow relatively common on high ground. Spring and autumn are warm and dry, making them good for cycling.


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