Madonna del Ghisallo (Bellagio)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Bellagio 758m 426m 9.4 km 4.5% 410 ****

Madonna del Ghisallo - Bellagio - Cycling Profile

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Climb Description

Madonna del Ghisallo is a steep climb which is iconic in the world of cycling thanks to both its status as a key climb in the Giro di Lombardia race, and also because the summit is home to a small chapel, dedicated to the patron saint of cycling.

The climb itself is fairly challenging for cycle tourists, thanks to its steep gradients in places. However, it is short enough that strong riders can really attack the climb and have some fun on it.

The chapel at the top is well worth stepping inside (even if you are not religious), as it is home to a huge array of cycling memorabilia.

Madonna del Ghisallo is open throughout the year.

Madonna del Ghisallo from Bellagio - Italian Alps Cycling Climb

The monument at the top of the climb overlooks Lake Como

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in very good condition throughout.

The climb itself is usually fairly quiet. However, riding around Lake Como to get to Bellagio is a different story.

Be very careful along here, particularly on weekends and in summer. The road is very busy and narrow from both Como and Lecco. We recommend climbing up to Asso (perhaps via the Muro di Sormano) and then descending to either Nesso or Onno. From either of these towns continue to Bellagio - reducing the time spent riding around the lake itself.

Alternative Routes

Madonna del Ghisallo can also be reached from the south. However, the climb from Bellagio is the classic and more rewarding side, and also tends to have less traffic.

Nearby Climbs

Muro di Sormano

Cycling Holidays

At the moment we do not have any tours including the climb to Madonna del Ghisallo. If you would like us to organize a custom cycling holiday including this climb, please contact us and we would be happy to do so.

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