Extremadura Cycling Climbs

Climb Town Altitude (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Puerto de Esperabán Pinofranqueado 1295 22 3.9 859 ****
Honduras Cabezuela del Valle 1430 16.9 5.2 595 ****
Honduras Hervás 1430 14.1 5.4 524 ****
Pico Villuercas Guadalupe 1580 16.6 6.3 840 ***


Extremadura is a fairly mountains region, although there are too many great climbs for cycling. The best areas are in the north (Sierra de Gredos) and the west, near to the border with Castilla-la-Mancha. The gradients are generally gentle here, although you do find the odd steep kilometre.


Extremadura is not the most picturesque region of Spain; most people visit for the beautiful Roman cities of Mérida and Cáceres rather than for the countryside; however, it is pleasant enough. Large areas are quite barren or covered with sparse forest and while not as spectacular as much of Spain, if you like rural scenery and rolling hills it is enjoyable.


The road surfaces are generally in very good condition (perhaps somewhat surprisingly for one of the poorest regions in Spain).

Getting There

The south of the region is served by Seville airport, while the north is closer to Madrid - although still quite a long transfers. Trains run frequently between the main cities in Extremadura.


Extremadura has cold winters and hot summers. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant times for cycling and it is dry throughout most of the year.


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