Catalonia History & Culture

The Different Languages of Spain

Languages of Spain Spain is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Europe. There are seventeen autonomous communities in Spain, most of them with their own distnictive festivals, food and traditions; many of them also have their own language.

Our cycling holidays visit many of these regions, so here we look at the various languages in Spain; how they are related and how common they are in everyday usage, to ensure that you are well prepared.

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How Popular Was Support For Catalan Independence Before The Civil War?

Catalan Flags Anyone that has visited Catalonia will have noticed that there are significant cultural differences between the region and the rest of Spain, most notably the language. Catalans have also been considered outsiders by many Spaniards; a situation exacerbated by the prohibition of much of Catalan culture under the dictatorship of Franco.

Today, Catalan independence is back in the headlines, with effectively a vote for a referendum taking place in November 2012. While the motives now appear to be primarily economic, with social and cultural concerns not perhaps at the forefront of the movement, this was not always the case. Here we look at the popularity and success of Catalan nationalist movements in the period before the Civil War. We see that the movement had much popular support, from a wide base, and we look at some of the reasons why they did not follow this through to full independence.
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