Basque Country History & Culture

The Different Languages of Spain

Languages of Spain Spain is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Europe. There are seventeen autonomous communities in Spain, most of them with their own distnictive festivals, food and traditions; many of them also have their own language.

Our cycling holidays visit many of these regions, so here we look at the various languages in Spain; how they are related and how common they are in everyday usage, to ensure that you are well prepared.

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Gernika - The Immortal Town

Gernika Gernika (Guernica in Castillan Spanish), is situated in the north of Spain, about 30 kilometres to the east of Bilbao. It is a small market town which, although having a prominent role in the development of Basque cultue, is fairly unremarkable. The town, however, has been immortalised by Picasso's horrific depiction of the bombing of the city during the Spanish Civil War.

It is believed that Gernika was founded in 1366 in a strategic position close to the estuary of the Mundaka river. Over time, Gernika became an important town for the Basque culture. It was the seat of parliament for the province of Biscay; where meetings would be held under large trees.

By 1512 the oak in Gernika has become the symbol of the indpendence and the democratic ideals of the whole of the Basque country. Find out more about the role it has played in the devlopment of Basque identity and culture...

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The Best of Basque Cuisine: Pintxos

Basque Pintxos One of the many highlights of our Basque Food and Wine Tour, are the two pintxos tours that we do in Bilbao and San Sebastian.

Pintxos can be seen as a kind of Basque tapas; however, such a title does not come close to describing the exotic nature of some of the creations. Pintxos are a bar snack, usually with a chunk of bread as a base, topped with various ingredients. The toppings range from simple products, such as ham and cheese, to sophisticated combinations of seafood or vegetables. They are usually held together by a tooth pick, and are lined up on the bar. Find out more about the different kind of pintxos that exist and how creative chefs have taken them to a new level in recent years...

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Five Lesser Known Spanish Towns for History

Historic Towns Spain Spain is one of the most incredible countries to visit for history lovers. There are many cities with a great variety of historical influences; from the Moorish cities of Seville and Granada, to the impressive architecture in Barcelona and Valencia.

However, there also many towns and villages, much less visited than the big cities, that are of real historical interest. Here we look at five our favourites, which offer different aspects of Spanish and European history...

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