Andalucia Arrival and Departure Points


Taking off Seville is the arrival point for most of our tours of Andalucia. It is served by a busy international airport hosting low cost airlines including Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling. Seville is also only around two and a half hours from Madrid by train.


Cordoba has a small airport but it will be difficult to find flights to there. Malaga and Sevilla are the nearest large aiports and are both less than an hour by train. Cordoba is also less than two hours from Madrid by train.


Granada is the departure point of our tours in Andalucia. There is a small international airport in Granada, although most flights from the city go to Barcelona or Madrid.


If you can not find a convenient flight or train to any of the three major cities where our tours run, the next nearest large airport is Malaga - which has flights to most countries in Europe and also operates some trans-Atlantic routes.

If you let us know when booking your tour, we can assist you with transfers to Malaga.

The Renfe website has full timetables for Spanish trains.