Power Meter Rental

Power Meter We have a selection of power meters available for hire on some of our rental bikes. If you ride with a power meter at home, you will be familiar with the benefits they offer for pacing and for training efficiently and effectively. If you are yet to use a power meter, this is an excellent opportunity to try one out and find your power at different durations. This can help you to organize your training and progression for the rest of the year - and it is also a lot of fun to discover your numbers and how you compare with other riders.

We have rear-hub based Powertap meters, crankset based meters and pedal power-meters available for hire.
1-4 Days Rental 5-8 Days Rental 9+ Days Rental
G3 Powertap Rear Wheel Power-Meter €40 (per day) €20 (per day) €15 (per day)
Chainset Based Power-Meter €45 (per day) €25 (per day) €18 (per day)
Pedal Based Power-Meter €40 (per day) €20 (per day) €15 (per day)

All three models are available for hire on our road bikes. On our hybrid bikes, only the pedal based system is compatible.

Our power meters are regularly calibrated and offer an accuracy of +/- 2%, in line with the industry standard. They add little additional weight to the bike and are compatible with any ANT+ enabled device (e.g. Garmin 500/800). We can provide you with an ANT+ device if you do not have your own. We also include a small booklet advising on how to get the most out of a power meter and how to use it to shape your training and racing.

Bicycles available: